About CPEP

The Comparative Provincial Election Project (CPEP) seizes an unprecedented opportunity to study the quality of democracy in all ten Canadian provinces. Fixed election dates have provided researchers with a natural laboratory for coordinated, relatively-controlled, and replicable comparison of provincial politics in Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador,  British Columbia, and New Brunswick, as did writ-drops in Quebec, Alberta, and Nova Scotia. 

With a view to both understanding and helping Canadians to address the country's civic culture, the CPEP research team is assessing the depth of Canada's "democratic deficit" and explaining any differences across the Canadian provinces.  Answers to these questions will provide valuable lessons for academics, officials, and citizens intent on increasing the level of political engagement and satisfaction across Canada.

This website represents our primary method of communication with media, the academy, and the general public. We invite you to peruse our site and make use of the information, research, links, and expertise.