Research Team

The Comparative Provincial Election project has brought together academics from across the country. This massive study requires and utilizes the unique expertise of each of its co-investigators and collaborators:

Jared Wesley, University of Alberta, Principal Investigator

Loleen Berdahl, University of Saskatchewan, Co-Investigator

David McGrane, University of Saskatchewan, Co-Investigator

Andrea Rounce, University of Manitoba, Co-Investigator

Shannon Sampert, University of Winnipeg, Co-Investigator

Andrea Perrella, Wilfrid Laurier University, Co-Investigator

Jason Roy, Wilfrid Laurier University, Co-Investigator

Alex Marland, Memorial University, Co-Investigator

Matthew Kerby, Australian National University, Co-Investigator

Don Desserud, University of Prince Edward Island, Collaborator

Lori Thorlakson, University of Alberta, Collaborator

Louise Carbert, Dalhousie University, Collaborator

Joanna Everitt, University of New Brunswick, Collaborator

Mebs Kanji, Concordia University, Collaborator

Tracey Raney, Ryerson University, Collaborator

Brendon Legault, University of Alberta, Research Assistant

Eric Van Aerde, University of Alberta, Research Assistant